Website Hosting

Website hosting means renting the use of a computer in a warehouse full of many computers. One of these computers hold your website pages and when the visitors to your website visits your pages, their computers grab the page files from one of these rented computers. The company that has the warehouse full of computers is the hosting company. You may pay somewhere between $5 and $25 per month to rent a computer. Everybody has to do this. It's part of the costs of doing business.
I will not hesitate to use the hosting company of your choice, whatever that choice may be. I am here to accommodate you, my client.
That being said, I believe to have found what I consider to be a superior hosting company. They are faster than many while being cheaper as well. They have a more modern system. While other hosting companies might be set up on 15 year old technology, these guys and gals are newer. There are several advantages to using them over other hosting companies. I may prefer them in some cases. You may want to talk to me so that I understand your needs and can fit you with an appropriate hosting company.
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