1. 1.      Websites by Jason Damisch cannot always guarantee to start work immediately on a website but will arrange a date with the client as to when work can commence.

  2. 2.      All personal information provided to Websites by Jason Damisch including addresses, phone numbers, login codes, and others shall be held in the strictest of confidentiality in an encrypted format on the computers of Websites by Jason Damisch, and will never be used in any capacity whatsoever other than to perform the work requested of Websites by Jason Damisch for the client.

  3. 3.      Websites by Jason Damisch will receive payments in the following manner. Fifty percent, (50%) of the agreed upon price before work is started, and fifty percent (50%) of the agreed upon price after work is completed and delivered to the website address of the client. An alternative arangement would be to sign a contract.

  4. 4.      All material, both text and images, supplied by the client and used in the construction of the client's website, will remain the client's property. All such material will be assumed to be the property of the client and free to use without fear of breach of copyright laws.

  5. 5.      Search Engine entry and ranking can in no way be guaranteed as this is determined by the performance of each third party search engine provider.

  6. 6.      Websites by Jason Damisch cannot be held liable for any information contained within the client's web site. The content of such remains the copyright and intellectual property of the client.

  7. 7.      Websites by Jason Damisch may at it's discretion produce and publish the client's website at the website address of Websites by Jason Damisch until the work is acceptable to the client, at which point it will be moved to the hosting server of the client's choice.

  8. 8.      Website hosting is the responsibility of the client. Websites by Jason Damisch does not provide hosting services. Websites by Jason Damisch is not responsible for the failure of the hosting provider to maintain their servers in a satisfactory manner.

  9. 9.      If a refund is required by the client, then a refund of the first 50% will be paid if the website has not been completed. If the website has been completed but is not acceptable after two more consecutive attempts to remedy any stated failings, then Websites by Jason Damisch will keep the first 50%, and the second 50% shall remain with or be refunded to the client.

  10. 10.      100% of the full price of the website is due upon completion and delivery of the site to a hosting provider's server.

  11. 11.      Websites by Jason Damisch does not undertake to maintain or update a client's website as part of the design price. If a client wishes Websites by Jason Damisch to maintain or update a website at a separate price, Websites by Jason Damisch will negotiate with the client a maintenance price appropriate to the amount of work required. Websites by Jason Damisch will make corrections for mistakes such as typo errors for 30 days after the site has been published to a hosting provider as included in the price of the site.

  12. 12.      In no event will Websites by Jason Damisch be liable to the customer or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate these Web pages or website, even if Websites by Jason Damisch has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

  13. 13.      Despite the best efforts of Websites by Jason Damisch errors in web page information may occur. At no time will the responsibilities of Websites by Jason Damisch for accidentally including erroneous information extend beyond correcting the error.

  14. 14.      Websites by Jason Damisch can only promise that the website will function properly at the time of delivery, and cannot be held liable for any malfunction after delivery as this is usually caused either by clients or third parties editing and then breaking their sites, or by software or hardware malfunctions on the hosting providers servers. Sometimes services external to the clients website, such as scripts and websites linked from the clients website, become nonfunctional. Websites by Jason Damisch is also not responsible for such occurances.

  15. 15.      In the event that a site is complex with a script or several scripts and a CD copy is mailed, please be aware that installation of the site from the disk to a server becomes more complex and may require the services of a computer professional.

Services Overview

My website solutions run the range from simple informational websites consisting of only three pages, to very large catalog websites listing thousands of items. I can create many different kinds of websites utilising many different features and capabilities. The best thing to do is to ask me.


I look forward to evaluating your website needs with you, and then to devising an solution to fit those needs.

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