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  • Always built to look good on both cell phones and desktop computers
  • Tested on several browsers and on both a cell phone and a desktop computer for compatability
  • Consistent look for each page, the form of each page stays true
  • Websites are maintained by myself or can be made maintainable by the client
  • Fully functional, no broken links or features
  • Can create many different kinds of websites, both informational and eCommerce
  • A Developer with good skills, can create, maintain, and repair websites
  • Choose the style you want, generic or unique, simple or complex
  • Replicate any template, use one you buy, or create one from scratch
  • Willing to handle jobs of any size, from large to small

Jason Damisch Cares

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Firstmost, I care. I take pride in what I do. This is my chosen profession and I care about the quality of my work. Some so called designers are just in it to make a quick buck. For them it is something they try, and then move away from. I am in it for the long haul and am constantly striving to improve my capabilites and to gain more experience in the field.

Second, I realize that the tool must match the job at hand. Therefore, it does not pay to be a one trick pony. For some designers, they learn just one tool, and then expect to be able to use that tool for every job.

Also I have a willingness to do research. There are so many features that websites can have, and so many systems to create websites with, that it is impossible to know all of them. I am willing to do research to find the components which are the best fit for the given job.

I have a mature outlook. I bring my wisdom and common sense as well as technical prowess to bear as I bring your project to completion.

Services Overview

My website solutions run the range from simple informational websites consisting of only three pages, to very large catalog websites listing thousands of items. I can create many different kinds of websites utilising many different features and capabilities. The best thing to do is to ask me.


I look forward to evaluating your website needs with you, and then to devising an solution to fit those needs.

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Telephone: 415-305-1439