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Websites by Jason Damisch is run by a dedicated website designer living and working in Stockton, California. I do my work in San Joaquin County.

I beleive that this new medium of communication will enhance human progress by providing a rapid means of accessing large amounts of information. Of course not everyone can create and maintain websites as we each have our own unique sets of skills and experiences which make us individuals. Not everybody chooses to bake their own bread, or to do their own landscaping. Therefore, from time to time we all seek out service professionals to supplement our own skills.
I have been using the internet before most people have even known about it. His first usage of the net was using a simple text based web browser which didn't even have graphics, called Lynx. He has used computers for most of his life, and feels very proficient with them. He has programmed IBM clone computers in high school and has from that point progressed to internet design which is his chosen profession today. Along the way he has programmed video games and text editors. Many hours have been logged using computers for both professional and recreational use. He continues to enhance his skills.

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My website solutions run the range from simple informational websites consisting of only three pages, to very large catalog websites listing thousands of items. I can create many different kinds of websites utilising many different features and capabilities. The best thing to do is to ask me.


I look forward to evaluating your website needs with you, and then to devising an solution to fit those needs.

Websites by Jason Damisch

Telephone: 415-305-1439
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